Thursday, 21 November 2013

A recent game in the Pribyl/Czech System

I had quite a nice win as White against the Pribyl System (or Czech Defence) recently.  There were a few minor mistakes but that's to be expected in club-level chess, and I was quite pleased with how I played on the whole.  I have to admit that I knew no theory past move 3, but I stumbled into a fairly mainstream response which has been used by some grandmasters (although most players prefer 5.Bd3 to 5.Bd2 according to the database).  Yes, it goes to show that I don't always play gambits, although admittedly I did leave my b2-pawn hanging for a couple of moves.

Meanwhile, there was some good bloodthirsty chess in Game 9 of the Anand-Carlsen match with both players pressing strongly for a win, but sadly Anand's aggressive play was abruptly cut short by a large blunder on move 28.  I found a good analysis of the game at the ChessBase website.

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