Monday, 11 November 2013

Anand-Carlsen- The Beginning

While I continue working on updates to my site (currently updating my coverage of the Albin Counter-Gambit and the Englund Gambit, both gambits based on meeting d4 with an early ...e5, of which the Albin is the more reliable) and again tinkering with the format, as I get more experienced with the pros and cons of PGN and HTML editing) I'll take another look at the Anand-Carlsen match.  Against my original prediction, it's opened with two rather cagey draws.

The official site offers game replays and computer engine analysis outputs so I'll link to the site for the benefit of those who would like to replay the games.

Game 1 was a pretty uneventful draw, but for me, the bigger disappointment was Game 2.  The following position was reached after 14 moves:
This is the sort of opposite-sides castling position that excites me at the club level as it often leads to rival attacks, but unfortunately, a series of piece trades followed and a quick draw resulted.  The computer analysis at the official site indicates a few junctures where either side could have attacked more (16...a5 followed by 17...a4, 18.Qd4 for instance).  Certainly when I castle queenside I often find myself having to reckon with the advance of that a-pawn.

However, it's understandable that neither player wants to take many risks at this early stage and World Championship matches have often got off to a cagey start in the past so hopefully this is just one of those situations and the match will flare up within a few more games.

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